Win the curve wars

with Yearn.

We’ve completely overhauled our suite of curve products; refining, improving, and simplifying everything. The result? Our users get the highest yields, in the most streamlined way possible. Lfg.

For more info on each token, and how to use the UI read our docs.

Swap anytime for

better yield.

If you have st-yCRV and notice that lp-yCRV is generating better yield, you can swap anytime on the main page. Or vice versa.

You get more yield, and a fun swap experience. Win win.

Better tokens,

better yield.

By simplifying our product (and naming conventions) we can focus on getting users the best ‘hands off’ yield around.

yCRV can be staked for st-yCRV, or LP’d for lp-yCRV.

Whichever option you pick, rewards are auto claimed and auto compound - giving you supercharged yield without you having to lift a finger. After all, lazy yield is the best yield.

“But ser... I have yveCRV

and yvBOOST”

Streamlining and simplifying our products means that yveCRV and yvBOOST are now legacy tokens that no longer earn yield (RIP).

But *Professor Farnsworth voice* good news everybody; you can migrate them for yCRV, st-yCRV or lp-yCRV on the main page.

Don’t get

caught slippin’

Slippage is set to 1% and hidden by default to streamline the experience for the average user.

For advanced apes users worried about MEV we advise using SecureRpc.

If the above sentence causes your brain to wrinkle and eyes to glaze over, then you do not need to worry about this step.


‘Mum... where do

yields come from?’

Well anon, when a gauge and a pool love each other very much...


Part of the yields come from boosted Curve admin fees and part from revenue-optimized gauge voting (so users always benefit from the biggest bribes).


The yields come from farming the CRV/yCRV gauge.

As Yearn holds a large amount of veCRV we are able to optimize bribe revenues and work with other partners to drive outsized yields to both yCRV stakers and LPers.

Contract corner

The yCRV ecosystem is powered by smart contracts; programs that run on blockchains (in yCRV's case Ethereum) with transparent functions that can be read by anyone. It wouldn't be open and transparent finance if we didn't let you check out our contracts. Go ahead and peek anon, it's ok.

Zap: 0xdc899AB992fbCFbac936CE5a5bC5A86a5d35A66a

yCRV: 0xFCc5c47bE19d06BF83eB04298b026F81069ff65b

st-yCRV: 0x27B5739e22ad9033bcBf192059122d163b60349D

lp-yCRV V2: 0x6E9455D109202b426169F0d8f01A3332DAE160f3